Holly L. Scoggins, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Horticulture, Virginia Tech

Ph.D. Horticultural Science, North Carolina State University, 1999
M.S. Horticulture, University of Georgia, 1996
B.S Agricultural Economics, University of Georgia, 1984; second major in Horticulture, 1994.

Interest Areas: production and landscape use of perennials, annuals, and tropicals, greenhouse management, nursery production, public horticulture, hops

I teach courses in ornamental plant production and marketing, herbaceous landscape plants I & 2, and greenhouse management.  My research interests include improving greenhouse and nursery production systems for herbaceous perennials with an emphasis on propagation and rhizosphere management. My extension and outreach work includes Master Gardener training, VCE publications for gardeners and growers, the Garden ProfessorsTM and most recently, a trials hop yard.

Courses: HORT 3345 & 3346 Herbaceous Landscape Plants I & II,  HORT 4324 Greenhouse Management (online),  HORT 4424 Ornamental Plant Production and Marketing

Awards and Honors:
Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association 2012 Professional of the Year
Perennial Plant Association 2008 Academic of the Year
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 2007 Certificate of Teaching Excellence

Extension and Outreach:

The Garden Professors.  Led by Linda Chalker-Scott with Holly Scoggins, Bert Cregg, and Jeff Gillman. Ongoing team blog on eXtension for the purpose of bringing science to the online discussion of gardens and landscapes. Weekly postings by one of four academic colleagues from  Michigan State, Washington State, Virginia Tech, and UNC-Charlotte. www.gardenprofessors.com.

Virginia Tech Floriculture – with Joyce Latimer and our wonderful Floriculture team. Grower-focused web site for dissemination of research, extension, and outreach www.hort.vt.edu/floriculture

 Selected Recent Scholarly Publications
Kyte, L., J. Kleyn, H. Scoggins, and M. Bridgen. 2013. Plants from Test Tubes: An Introduction to Micropropagation. 4th
ed. Timber Press, Portland, Ore.

Latimer, J.G. and H.L. Scoggins, eds. 2011. Greenhouse operator’s training manual. 4th ed. (14 chapters). Virginia
Flowers Growers Association.

Book chapters:
Scoggins, H.L. 2014. Producing seedlings and bedding plants, Chp. 40, pp 411-420. In: (C. Beyl and R. Trigiano, eds.) Plant Propagation Concepts and Laboratory Exercises. 2nd ed. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Boca Raton, Fla.

Scoggins, H.L 2007. Cutting propagation of perennials, Chp. 14, pp 173-185. In: (J. Dole and J. Gibson, eds.) Cutting propagation of floral crops. Ball Publishing. Batavia, Ill.

Refereed journal articles:
(asterisk denotes graduate or undergraduate student):

Harris*, W.K., J.G. Latimer, J.F. Freeborn, M. Aiken, and H.L. Scoggins. 2016. Overwintering survival and vigor of container-grown fountain grass: influence of protective covers, fertilizer rate and substrate moisture content. HortTechnology 25(6):791-795

Aiken, M.G., H.L. Scoggins, and J.G.Latimer. 2015. Substrate pH impacts efficacy of ethephon drenches on growth of herbaceous perennials. HortScience 50:1187-1191.

Grossman*, M., J. Freeborn, H. Scoggins, and J. Latimer. 2013. Timing of Benzyladenine and Dikegulac Sodium Application Affects Branching of Liners and Finished Herbaceous Perennial Plants HortScience 48:875-882

Twardowski, C.M*, J.L. Crocker, J.R. Freeborn and H.L. Scoggins. 2012. Quantity and quality of cuttings influenced by
stock plant nutrition of herbaceous perennials. HortTechnology 22:89-93

Grossman*, M., J. Freeborn, H. Scoggins, and J. Latimer. 2012. Benzyladenine increases branching but reduces root
growth of herbaceous perennial liners. HortScience 47(8):1085-1090.

Gillman, J. L. Chalker-Scott, H. Scoggins, and B. Cregg. 2011. A successful multi-institutional blog for transferring
garden and landscape information to the public. Journal of Extension [On-line], 49(6) Article 1COM1. Available at: http://

Scoggins, H.L. 2010. University garden stakeholders: student, industry, and community connections. HortTechnology 20:

Harris*, W.K., J.G. Latimer, J.R. Freeborn, J.R. Harris, and H.L. Scoggins. 2010. Benzyladenine (6-BA) promotes
branching of herbaceous perennials (abstract). HortScience 45(8):S231

Other:  Joel Shuman and I own Bee Berry Farm in Giles County, including three acres of you-pick blueberries. We’re rabid gardeners, and have added about 120 linear yards of mixed border gardens.  We enjoy beekeeping and currently manage seven hives .  We also sell our berries and honey in season at the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market. We have two furry children: Bebe (Basenji mix) and Bunny (silly Whippet) along with a few chickens. We dearly love the Blue Ridge, but tend to run off to the Keys or Caribbean every once in a while.



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